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Tyler Stomps Tiny City

Tyler the cruel Giant suddenly appears in his tiny brother's nightmare. He's a big bad Giant, coming across a shrunken town. As in real life, Tyler is nothing but a sarcastic bully. "Haha I'm stuck in my perverted brother's sick fucking dream. But what do I know? I'm just a big dumb ass giant haha." He easily crushes the buildings under his feet, making a game out of it. "I wonder if my tiny bro is hiding in one of these buildings. I better make sure his fantasy is fulfilled. FE FI FO FUMMM!! HERE I COME HAHAHA!" His colossus foot hits all the towers down, and he comes it to a bulldozer. After placing each building in-between his stinky feet, Tylerdiscovers tiny people too. "They all fit under one fuckin foot!" Gliding them on and off, mocking their helplessness. Tyler ends the dream by stomping puny cars, and even molding them by slapping his feet together. Another INCREDIBLY verbal scene, with so much hot foot action and humiliation. 


14 minutes

Tyler Stomps Tiny City

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