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Tyler Mouth Tortures Tiny & Eats Goldfish Crackers

HOT NEW Tyler video!!! Filmed a few years back.


Themes: LOTS of Burping!!! Verbal Humiliation, Mouth Play, Tongue


 "You like goldfish crackers, Augustus?" Tyler smirks, looking down at his pudgy, half inch classmate who is stuck being by a big bowl of Tyler's snacks. "Your waistline is bigger than a goldfish, but you're still shorter than a goldfish haha!" The jock laughs, picking up the tiny and one of the crackers for comparison. "Food in the cafeteria must be mountenoius to you", Tyler says- tossing more crackers in his mouth.


"BURRPPPP!!" Tyler already begins to let loose, as he comments on his classmate's color. "Bad spray tan recently? It's just- you look orange. Like these fish haha!" He drinks more soda and belches more. He then argues the crackers are tan. "Look here you little orange bitch! I said they're fucking tan." More stuffing. He belches on the tiny up close again."Oops!!! Sorry, won't happen again- Burrp!!!" He mocks him more. "It's a little difficult being the Giant to your Jack ahaha."


As Tyler keeps making references to the tiny's color, he gets sarcastic. "OOPS! I said it again." He notices Augustus is starting to get more humiliated as the jock belches more between sentences. "I'm gonna throw you in my bowl. Cause you're just that small haha BURPPP Dude, it's happening-BURRRRPP."


Tyler picks him up with three other crackers. "It would be so easy to just- BURRRP- accidentally- throw you in my mouth and not even know." He casually eats the crackers, then burps on Augustus without even looking at him, his lips parting. "That's why you're going in the bowl. And hope that random chance doesn't strike you down haha". The loser is thrown in the bowl. Soon he's inside Tyler's mouth, as the jock burps and continues to ponder why Augusts is orange. "Are all your body parts that color?" He smirks. "I wonder if Giants ever mistook people for food", he says to himself- tossing more crackers in his maw. 


"I've obliged your fantasy", Tyler says after taking the tiny out of his mouth. "But I bet you want to go back in again." He smirks. And the torture continues. 


"No, look- I promise I won't toss you back in my mouth, so you're tumbling to the back of my throat. Next to tastebuds as big as your head." But he does. Tyler continues to toy with the inch tall guy, tossing him in and out of his mouth- laughing the whole time. He burps him back up. "You better be glad you were at the back of my throat, holding on to one of my tonsils for dear life. Or I could have swallowed you!"


Intense clip, Tyler's most verbal to date. He burps and taunts throughout. There are no close-ups of his mouth or tongue- though the duration of the video you can easily see his mouth and the tiny clearly trapped inside. Some parts have him belch so loud you can see saliva covering the little. Sections include him saying 'Oops!' for trigger effect. 


There is NO swallowing at the end. This is a mouth torture, verbal humiliation video. 


29 mins

Tyler Mouth Tortures Tiny & Eats Goldfish Crackers

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