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Tyler Burps, Tortures & Swallows Brother

"Sucks being you. Compared to me, you're non-existent. Your micro." Tyler the cruel frat brother holds his 1/2 inch tall brother in his hands, comparing him to his eyeball, nose, hands and lips. He finds it rather humorous that his sibling is now amongst a Giant. "Jack and the Beanstalk is def a good reference for a situation like this dude haha", chuckles the jock. After taking out his electronic cigarette and vaping smoke all over him, Tyler decides it's time to toss the pathetic loser into the back of his mouth. "Like Honey I Shrunk the you know what, only Honey I almost destroyed my little brother with a food chunk that fell out of my throat haha". Inside the mouth, the tiny is tossed over the massive tongue and tongue ring, as the Giant laughs about how sorry he is for doing it. He even compares the minion to a piece of popcorn, tossing him casually into the air and catching him back inside. Soon Tyler starts to burp big blasts of air on his little brother. "Sorry dude, I didn't mean to BURRRPPPPPP on you!" The belches are so loud, so severe, so piggish- the little guy can only lay there humiliated. Tyler even tests what its like to throw him back inside his mouth and belch again. Eventually he swallows him down the hatch. A very verbal clip indeed, with the best burping since Zach. 


22 minutes

Tyler Burps, Tortures & Swallows Brother

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