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Trevor & Will vs. Gummy Town

21 Minutes


THEMES: VERBAL Dual Giants, M/M, Barefoot Stomping, Kissing, Mouth Play, Vore, Verbal Humiliation, Gummy Bear Infestation, POV Under-glass 


“Can I help you stomp those things?” Trevor playfully asks Will, who is currently smothering a ton of gummies under his sweaty barefoot. 


“Sure bro”. Will and Trevor are GIANTS, and have discovered these little gummies all over their apartment. They begin by hopping up and down on them on the hard wood floors of their living room. Then they go inside the office, and take turns licking them off each other’s bodies.


“HAHA Yeah toss one right down my throat! Like Gulliver’s Travels haha!” Will tosses some into Trevor’s mouth, and then Trevor does the same thing. Both are having so much fun eating them all up after their stomp session.


But they’re not done. They take turns tossing a gummy into the other’s mouth like a basketball game! SCORE! 


Then they pile them up on a huge glass table, and you see them licking them and smothering them under their huge feet. Gummies, saliva, and masculinity all at once.


This is a fun scene, and both Trevor and Will have great chemistry together as they destroy the helpless tinies!

Trevor & Will vs. Gummy Town

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