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Trevor Talks About Becoming a Giant

10 minutes


"What's going on bitches? Puny little bitches! You won't believe what happened to me last night!" Trevor lays back on the bed in just boxers, his smelly bare feet kicked back. He talks about what it was like for him to have transformed into a Giant, how he crushed things beneath his feet, the power he felt. "I remember leaving my apartment, and started to grow more. I found water, and as I swam, I grew more and more. I was a GIANT!" He even talks about destroying boats in the ocean. "As I stepped into the city, people started to run. They knew they couldn't get away from me. My hands were the size of mountains. My feet could break cars crushed between my feet, like it was nothing like rock." He taunts how he drank the whole city's water supply in five gulps. He talks about going from the city to farmlands. "They had never seen anything as big as me! YOU have never seen anyone as BIG as ME!"


Like the jocks have recently been doing, this is a hot new theme for JFP where the model completely immerses himself in his own experiences of becoming a Titan. He ends the second part of the scene standing up and towering his foot over you, and continues to brag about being a Giant God. Trevor nails it. 

Trevor Talks About Becoming a Giant

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