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Trevor Swallows Silas

21 minutes (including Q & A)

THEMES: M/M, Giants, Shrinking, Consensual, Mouth Play, Vore, Belly Bloating, Hiccups,


Silas has always wanted his buddy Trevor to swallow him up! Trevor is at first adverse to this, but then finds the challenge fun. He takes out a shrink ray he has created and points it at Silas. 




Silas is now an inch tall. Trevor then has fun playing mouth games with the little loser- in and out of his wet mouth, throat, tongue. He does this for a few minutes- before eventually swallowing Silas down to his stomach. Once the tiny is trapped inside, Trevor gets a mild case of hiccups and bloats his stomach out. “Bro you’re still kicking in there haha! WOW. What a trooper.” 


Followed by a cool Q and A where Trevor is asked what he would do if he actually discovered Silas small. 

Trevor Swallows Silas

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