Trevor Shrinks & Humiliates Teacher, Episode 2

14 minutes


THEMES: Mouthplay, Tongue, Spitting, Swallowing, Vore, Burping, Belly Bloat, Verbal


Poor shrunken down Mr. Napoleon has suffered under Trevor's feet, armpits, butt and navel. But the jock is hungry now. "Now that you're shrunk, this book - not gonna get read! And I'm gonna go to the assembly, but you keep me in class WAY too long. And frankly, I'm parched. And I'm gonna eat this apple. Maybe you can have some haha." The lazy jock takes a big, juicy bite out of the massive, red apple- that's like a building to the teacher. "That's a good apple. MMMM!" Trevor grunts as he smacks his lips. Then SLAMS the apple next to the shrunken loser. "MY apple. You won't get it back. And I don't think I'll change you back to normal size either. Thanks for the apple. You held us late for lunch last time too." 


Trevor then picks up his tiny teacher and places him ON the apple. "I could take a bite out of you, couldn't I? You fit right there haha! I could eat you whole." He opens his mouth and eats around the poor loser, his big pink tongue licking him. "All I wanted to do was pla