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Trevor Shrinks & Humiliates Teacher, Episode 2

14 minutes


THEMES: Mouthplay, Tongue, Spitting, Swallowing, Vore, Burping, Belly Bloat, Verbal


Poor shrunken down Mr. Napoleon has suffered under Trevor's feet, armpits, butt and navel. But the jock is hungry now. "Now that you're shrunk, this book - not gonna get read! And I'm gonna go to the assembly, but you keep me in class WAY too long. And frankly, I'm parched. And I'm gonna eat this apple. Maybe you can have some haha." The lazy jock takes a big, juicy bite out of the massive, red apple- that's like a building to the teacher. "That's a good apple. MMMM!" Trevor grunts as he smacks his lips. Then SLAMS the apple next to the shrunken loser. "MY apple. You won't get it back. And I don't think I'll change you back to normal size either. Thanks for the apple. You held us late for lunch last time too." 


Trevor then picks up his tiny teacher and places him ON the apple. "I could take a bite out of you, couldn't I? You fit right there haha! I could eat you whole." He opens his mouth and eats around the poor loser, his big pink tongue licking him. "All I wanted to do was play sports and hang out. But you insisted on being an asshole. This is your fault, not mine." Trevor even rolls the apple on the table, crushing Mr. Napoleon underneath it. "Look dude it can even crush you!" He goes back to eating around the apple. "I'm gonna finish this apple while you're stuck.


Trevor picks the tiny out of the apple and spits him onto the table. "I'm quite the Giant compared to you, aren't I sir?" This is said condescendingly, as Trevor knows exactly what punishment is in store for the inch tall piece of food. "Looks like you need a shower, here's a waterfall for you." Then the jock proceeds to spit the biggest loogie imaginable on the teacher, the saliva pouring on him. He does it again. He then rubs the apple and the tiny into his own spit. "Oops, sorry sir. Didn't mean to drop the apple on you."


"I know you like my feet and all, let's see how you like it in here." Then the jock nonchalantly pops Mr. Napoleon into his massive mouth. "You like my tongue huh? HAHA. Like my teeth. Is it nice in there?" He rolls him around on his pink faded tongue. Then he proceeds to burp on him a few times, taking him out of his mouth for the deed. "I remember you got mad at me for being disruptive in class BURRPPPP- you're very rude BURP!" Back in the mouth he goes. Then Trevor gets a mix of hiccups and gag reflexes, with the tiny teacher still trapped inside his mouth. He appears clueless and annoyed that this loser is causing him all this disruption. 


"Time for you to go all the way inside of me Mr. Napoleon", says the Giant casually. "You liked my tongue, what about the rest of my body?" Down goes the teacher. The jock makes a audible squelching noise with his throat as the tiny disappears down to his stomach. Trevor is still gagging from eating him. "I think it was his trousers", the jock says to himself. He realizes the teacher is stuck in his chest. "HIC!!! Mr. Napoleon, you're not going down HICCUP! Well!" He grabs his own adams apple as he mocks him. 


In the finale, Trevor takes his shirt off. He's bloated. His teacher has finally made it down to his belly. "How's it feel in there haha", Trevor chuckles. He bloats his stomach in and out, making breathing noises. "Feels like he's kicking in there. How's it feel being in my belly? I think I need to clear you down more". He drinks water. Then munches more on the same apple that the doomed teacher was stuck on. "Watch out Mr. Napoleon haha! I got an apple coming down on you!" He smacks his stomach again. Bloated, full, grunting. A true alpha male. "You didn't go down easy at all." He mocks him for the final time. "How's it feel being in a big jock's stomach huh? You're gonna help me get a lot bigger!"

Trevor Shrinks & Humiliates Teacher, Episode 2

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