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Trevor Shrinks & Humiliates Teacher- Episode 1

THEMES: Shrinking, Barefoot Crushing, Shoe Crushing, Butt Crush, Armpit & Navel Exploration, Verbal Taunting


Episode One has Trevor's epic premiere. The wavy haired rebel plays a cocky student that's pissed off his teacher won't let him attend the big game and assembly. Mr. Napoleon, POV, refuses to change his mind. "This is ridiculous Mr. Napoleon! I understand that I don't do homework, but come on dude!" The jock takes off his shades. He's so casual that he's not even wearing shoes, as his bare feet wiggle under the desk. "I'm an athlete, I work hard, I'm Trevor haha! I should be able to go, and you're gonna LET me go!" Trevor then playfully slams his barefoot on the teacher's desk. "I know you got something about feet, does it change your mind now?" He smirks down at him, his cocky grin widening. "Think about it Mr. Napoleon. I got nice young jock feet. Nice and stinky. That's what I thought, you're calming down now."


Trevor then takes out a remote. "I think I wanna show you what I've been learning in science class. It's sort of an invention. It will let you enjoy my stinky feet even more." He chuckles and points the remote at his teacher, and suddenly Mr. Napoleon shrinks down to only an inch tall. Trevor the student is now Trevor the Giant. And his bare feet are now skyscrapers. "There you go Mr. Napoleon. Nice and tiny, ready to fit in between my toes! How's that for you sir?" He wiggles them on the suited teacher, his smirk never leaving his lips. "Sure I can't go to the assembly NOW? Pretty sure you're enjoying this, huh? You like these nice sweaty ass toes pressing up against you?" 


In the next scene, the shrunken teacher is on the wooden floor of his classroom. Two big boat shoes come stomping towards him. Trevor has put them on, but only to play a game with his pathetic mentor. "Different view then before, isn't it haha!" The jock presses his big 11s between the teacher, making wrestling noises like he's lifting weights. "You used to say these shoes weren't appropriate to wear to school. Well there's nothing you can do about it now." He continues to stomp on the teacher. "I think you like this though", STOMP! "I think you like having my stinky feet all on top of you." Trevor then kicks one of his shoes off. "I'm gonna put you in one of my stinky ass shoes now." He easily dumps the pathetic speck into the sweaty insole. "Let's see how you feel when I put my foot back in. Stinky ass jock foot." Aggressively Trevor puts his barefoot back into the shoe with Mr. Napoleon trapped inside. He takes him out quickly just to say "Fe Fi Fo FUM! Back in my shoe you go, fucker!" And back the teacher goes, dropped into the jock's sweaty boat shoe. Then the Giant starts jumping up and down hard. "Smells like ass in there huh?" He laughs, jumping up and down roughly. "What's that, you can't breathe?" He throws the teacher out of his shoe. "I still think you like it dude."


"Small little bitch. I'm the Giant now. I could crush you with one toe. Just like this." Trevor's big smelly toe smothers the whole teacher's puny body. The Giant then sits on the floor, and continues to toy with him between his sweaty feet, now dirty from the floor. His amazing body glistens with the afternoon sunlight. STOMP! STOMP! "Scared Mr. Napoleon?" STOMP! STOMP! His bare feet stomping him repeatedly now. "You like that Jack and the Beanstalk? HAHA. Remember showing that to us in English class?" He kicks back his feet, sunlight pouring in, and taunts the teacher more. "Now look at us. I'm the Giant, and you're the little guy."


In the episode finale, Trevor has placed his teacher on a glass table. "You know I'm so much bigger than you, puny bitch!" He lands his barefoot right on the tiny, and from a POV the audience can feel like they're just like poor Mr. Napoleon- trapped at the powers of a Giant. He stomps hard on the glass, taunting that the teacher likes it. "I got something worse for you though", grins the jock. He takes off his shorts to reveal tight briefs. He starts doing squats on the tiny, butt crushing him and grunting. "You never thought I should pursue sports, huh?" He grinds his briefs into the glass and teacher, constantly mocking him- and even picking him up and spitting on him before throwing him back on the table. "I came here to play SPORTS Mr. Napoleon!" He smacks his huge hand down on the loser. "And you told me SMACK NO!" He then takes him and puts him on his hairy chest, between his pecs. He smothers him on each one of his sweaty armpits, degrading him to the fullest. He swats him in his belly button. He swats him again. "All that homework for nothin, puny bitch!" He throws him in an armpit. But the humiliation has just begun.


Stay Tuned for Episode 2!!! 


23 mins

Trevor Shrinks & Humiliates Teacher- Episode 1

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