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Travis's Big BURP Breakfast!

21 minutes


THEMES: Verbal Jock, Food Stuffing, Burping (A LOT), Belching, Muscle Play, Playful Domination, Commission


Travis sits down at his massive dining room table and talks about how he is about to pig out on pancakes, pie, bacon, orange juice, donuts, syrup and whipped cream. The moment he starts digging in, he lets out massive belches- left and right- all angles and all sides. There's no stopping him! He is a beast not to be messed with, and to this all powerful jock it's all protein anyways. 


Filmed in two sections- one where Travis is shirtless most of the time, one where he has his shirt on and eats more baked goods - including pumpkin pie. 


The preview should speak for itself. Travis is one of the most powerful "BURRRRPERS!!!" JFP has ever filmed. Done as a commission. 


Travis's Big BURP Breakfast!

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