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Trapped Inside Tyler's Mouth, Part 2

13 mins


THEMES: Giants, Shrinking, Burping, Hiccups, Verbal, Size Comparison


"I PROMISE little bro, I won't BRWWARPPP on your dumb little ass again- BURRPRPPP- oh fuck, my bad dude- HICCUPPP-URRRPP!" Tyler holds his shrunken loser stepbro in his huge hands, burping and licking on him while commenting on Giants in movies he's watching. In and out the loser goes into the jock's wet cavern.


Never-before-released footage of Tyler burping and mouth playing with his loser stepbro while watching TV, mocking how he's just like the Giants in the movies, and a ton of verbal. Anyone who enjoys looking at this stud's tongue as well will like this clip.


Filmed in 2016.

Trapped Inside Tyler's Mouth, Part 2

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