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Trapped Inside Tyler's Mouth
Tyler's college classmate, Augustus, finds himself only an inch tall and at the mercy of a very cruel, sarcastic fratboy. Tyler is not only finding the situation amusing, he is incredibly smart and knows Augustus is not so much. Tyler has fun comparing himself to a Giant: "Have you been reading the book in class? Have you met the Giant yet? Haha. I could be like him, where a toga, stomp your ass haha." "I Feel like you're Benjamin Buttoning my ass!" The insults hurl out of the jock's mouth with wit and cruelty, and there's no stopping what comes next.

Tyler begins discussing other classes the two have taken. "Are you passing Home-Ec by the way? Since you're so incredibly stupid haha. I wonder what would happen if I baked you in a pie? Can I taste you dude? Just to- you know- find out?" He starts putting the tiny closer to his mouth. His lips moving up and down, his faded pink tongue now slowly emerging. "How does it feel to be to inferior to me? Again I go back to the whole Giant thing! You know, Fe Fi Fo Fum haha!" Tyler continues to toy with his prey. Then he starts burping. A lot. 

"BUUURRRPPPPP!!! AH. Do you like it when I BUWARRRRRPPP On your face? You are a sick little fuck haha." The belches get bigger, with Tyler getting them in-between sentences. You can even see bits of pie that Tylerate earlier on his teeth, as he keeps trying to taste Augustus, who can do nothing but huddle in fear in the palm of a Giant. He gives the tiny a big lick with his tongue, chanting "Fe Fi Fo Fum- Here Comes my Giant Tongue!" Even the tongue has leftover pie residue on it, giving it a tannish-pink color, and making the minion all the more nervous that his fate will soon be food. He first gets gargled in Tyler's mouth along with water "to wash my mouth out, with you in it haha." The next game on Tyler's agenda is the toss up game with popcorn. Only this time it's Augustus that's the popcorn. The jock has no problem tossing him in the air and catching him in his mouth, burping along the way. He regurgitates him from the back of his throat back into the palm of his hand. "BUUURRRPPP!!!! Oh man, I sincerely am sorry dude, I won't BUUURRRPPP on you again! You fucking weirdo." The belching intensifies, the jokes get worse and the mouth play is taken to the next level where Tyler keeps the tiny trapped in his mouth between belches. "I bet you thought you were a goner there for a minute huh? Slamming into the back of my throat while it's expanding haha." 

The finale has Tyler getting a massive burp attack. Eventually he swallows him accidentally, all the way to his belly. The most verbal and satisfying of Tyler's humiliation videos. While the mouth shots are limited, you get a load of belching (the most ever), Tongue play, and a lot of evil torture. 


33 minutes

Trapped Inside Tyler's Mouth

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