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Tommy Tongue Tricks

7 minutes


THEMES: Mouth, Tongue, Mouthplay, Interview, Vore


"So tell me about your mouth Tommy".


"Uh I actually used to be tongue tied." No joke. He can roll his tongue because of this. He does A LOT of tongue tricks!


"You have a great smile."


Now we get down to business. Tommy shows it all. BIG TONGUE. BIG MOUTH. THROAT. And hear all the cameraman interview the guy, and tell him to open his mouth wide. 


Tommy also talks about being a Giant, swallowing. He demonstrates how he actually swallows a tiny- with a gummy bear. He LICKS this gummy bear so much, it seems the gummy is stuck forever on the tongue, forever. "I like licking on him mmmm" Tommy says. 


"The tongue is my favorite part of Macro!!" TOMMY IS INTO BEING A GIANT!!!!

Tommy Tongue Tricks

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