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Tommy Swallows Helpless Gummies

11 minutes


THEMES: Giants, Shrinking, Magic, Mouthplay, Vore, Verbal


Tommy's roommate, off screen, asks why there are so many gummies on his jock's bed. "Looks like you got a family there."


"HAHA Maybe. Or-" Tommy picks up a blue defenseless gummy and slithers him into his big juicy lips. "MMM Damn let me fit another one in here haha." Tommy's mouth is huge. A pale, faded pink tongue and reddish pink lips, clear clean saliva that's a paradise for the gummies- and roommate, who seems to like watching Tommy gobble them all up. 


"Do you think the red ones taste just as good?" Tommy asks.


"Lets see!" The off screen roomie exclaims. "Lick them haha!" The Giant, of course, does just that. Lots of tongue play, LOTS of verbal. 



Tommy Swallows Helpless Gummies

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