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Tommy Shrinks Loser Teammate

20 minutes


THEMES: Giants, Shrinking, Butt Crushing, Armpit, Verbal, White Socks, Barefeet, Stomping, Humiliation


Custom Video! 


A loser, with no name because why would a lame have one, has cost the big game for his "friend" Tommy, the all-star who is pissed that this happens all the time. "Naw dude you a lame! It's been this way forever! The only reason you ON the team is because I TOLD COACH to put you there." There's a sly smirk on Tommy's face, like something else is going on. "You don't even know how to play. That's why they put you on LEFT Field! It's the loneliest place ON the fucking field haha!" 


"All you'll EVER be is a LOSER!" The more Tommy barks down at his friend, the smaller his friend gets. Until he is merely an inch tall. Stuck at the sweaty socked feet of his Giant friend. "I don't even think you should grow back to normal size. I think you should STAY THE LITTLE SHRIMP that you are!" Tommy is not playing. "That's why I'M The BIG BAD GIANT! FE FI FO FUM Bitch!" The Giant's sarcasm is cold, uncaring and terrifying. 


The Giant begins by taking the loser's car, also shrunken, and dropping it on the floor - where he proceeds to stomp on it with his sweaty socks. "Fe Fi Fo Fum, I smell the HAHA of a BITCH! I'm gonna grind these SWEATY ass feet in your face haha!"


The foot smothering continues. Tommy has more fun placing the loser inbetween his stinky toes, mocking how "you gonna marry my feet too bitch!" And he actually does a Wedding Ceremony between the tiny and his big toe. "Bitch do you take this TOE to be your master from now and forever?" The loser doesn't have a choice.


Back to more stomping. Tommy keeps smashing and grinding his smelly bare feet on the loser over and over again. The verbal taunting never ends. Tommy takes his sweaty sports shirt off. Revealing his flat stomach. He starts sniffing his own armpits before placing the Loser in one of them, laughing harder. "Aw we don't have to put you there anymore", after some armpit engulfment. Instead, Tommy carelessly drops the loser into his belly navel. 


Scene ends with a REALLY intense butt crushing scene, where Tommy just wears his red sports shorts and suffocates the tiny by grinding on his with his butt over and over. "You thought you could escape huh bitch?"

Tommy Shrinks Loser Teammate

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