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Tiny Infestation- Part One
14 minutes
THEMES: Giants, M/M, POV, Unaware, Foot Play, Armpits, Full Body Explore, Verbal Giant on Phone, Ignoring Tinies at Feet, Verbal and NonVerbal Scenes

Part 1: is entirely unaware body exploration and footplay. 


Max is resting in bed taking a nice long nap. However, the jock god is soon infested with tiny man. The various mants climb and explore trying to take photos of the titan’s frame. Some unfortunate tinies get entangled in his bushy pits or trapped in sticky earwax. The camera spends long shots exploring Max’s body making sure to pause on all the good parts. Experience what it is like to traverse a god’s chest, arms, legs, and more. However, soon the massive man awakens. 


As he sits up, the unaware titan launches man of the men across the room. He wearily puts on his shirt and clothes trapping any unfortunate men still on him. As he heads to the living room, he gets a call from his friend and plops down onto the couch. 


"Yo Zach! Whats up bro! You said found TINIES in your living room? No fucking way! Bro if I had tinies in my spot, I would be stomping the fuck outta them!"


As Max laughs about this on the phone, he casually stomps his barefeet down on his carpet, unaware he's also stomping little people he has no idea exist.


While chatting, he is massacring an entire group below. His calloused soles slam down into the carpet as he wiggles his toes. Tiny after tiny is smashed and smeared under the godlike feet. Their body’s quickly giving into the pressure and exploding against his skin. Others are smashed deep into the carpet, mangled and bruised from the constant stomps. Yet those are the lucky ones. A few barely miss his falling stompers and are exposed to his rancid jock stench. The miasma wafts from his glistening feet and displaces any clean air. 


"Like Jack and the Beanstalk haha", Max laughs harder. Kicking his soles towards the camera- with more unnoticed tinies. "Make 'em worship my big ass feet!"


A few rush and climb the table to escape their doom only for Max to kick his feet up and destroy more of them. No matter what they do, nothing is safe from the unaware titan. They broke into his home and now have to suffer the consequences of their actions. One by one they are picked off, their frail forms nothing to this massive man. 


Adapted by MaxTiny

Tiny Infestation- Part One

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