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Tiny Infestation- Part 2
12 minutes
THEMES: Giants, M/M, POV, Verbal, Exercise Warmups, Muscle Flexing, Mouthplay, Vore, Food

Part 2: Is focused on various gym scenarios and Vore


Max ends his call and decides to workout a bit. The beefy jock begins to cycle through an intense bodyweight routine. This ranges from jumping jax to crunches to planks and more. His skin starts to glisten as he begins to sweat, his breath panting as he pushes himself to get stronger. While this happens, he doesn’t even know how many are being destroyed.


The tinies are caught in the middle of the workout and do their best to avoid the massive man, yet they are too tiny to do anything. They can only pray that the god avoids them…however slim that may be. In between sets you can see the various mants stuck to his sticky skin before crashing back down to the ground below. It is an intense scene for anyone that likes to see a macro bro in a gym scenario. 


Once finished up. Max decides to grab a snack to help bulk up. Pouring out a bowl of cereal, he greedily devours spoonful after spoonful. He comments on how delicious the tiny protein is.


Max even calls up his friend once more to chat about how much fun it must be to own tinies. "Dude If I had a tiny in my cereal, I would swallow them to my fucking stomach!" As he laughs, he eats more tinies unawarely down his gullet.


“Man I would get like 20 of those fuckers in my mouth” he chuckles before swallowing them whole. He opens WIDE- showing how big his cave is, along with a merciless tongue. "They would love this big, wet ass tongue too."


Each spoonful carries more and more runts to their doom. Max’s stomach doesn’t care what they were before, they are now just delicious meat. He opens wide and shows off his messy maw, filled with mashed up food and a few survivors doing their best not to be swallowed. Yet a bit more milk and they too are sent to the acidic chamber. After he has eliminated the last tiny. He cleans up and spots one last survivor. He picks up the little guy and smiles. 


“I’m going to FUCK you up” and the screen fades to black.


Adapted by Max Tiny.

Tiny Infestation- Part 2

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