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Tiny Gum Boy

11 minutes


THEMES: Giants, Shrinking, M/M, Transformation, Bubble Gum, Mouth Play, Drooling, Hiccups, Burping, VERBAL, Size Change, Jason Pierce


SUMMARY: Jason Pierce decides to turn his loser friend into bubble gum. Since the jock has such a BIG MOUTH, this proves to be both humiliating and exhilarating for both parties involved. Not only can Jason make him into gum, he can INCREASE his size to make MORE GUM!


PLOT: “You know, I have a few other magic tricks up my sleeve. I think I want you to be even more delicious to me.” 


“One, two- THREE!” Jason opens his massive hand and reveals that the tiny is now pink, sweet bubble gum. Ready to be chewed on by a ruthless Giant.


Jason starts chewing on him slowly. The jock’s powerful jaws are massive. Teeth glisten with saliva, his big pink tongue is like a powerful beast on it’s own. You can hear the SMACKING of the jock’s tongue as he smirks in the camera.


“You know, I have another ability. I Can make you- even BIGGER!” 


And just like that, the gum in the giant’s throat gets bigger. Jason sticks out his tongue like a magician, showing that the gum has doubled in sized- resting on his still BIGGER pink tongue. 

The gum gets bigger still.  And bigger. AND BIGGER!!!! SO Big at one point, it’s like a huge long string cheese that Jason smirks with- easily taking it out of his mouth and then munching on it to go back inside his jaws- looking possessed with power, and playful the entire time. 


The giant starts to drool. Big, clean waves of mannish saliva pour down the jock’s lips and neck as he laughs at the power he has over the tiny trapped in his mouth- as bubble gum. “You like how messy that is don’t you?”




Jason starts to get big burps with the gum in his mouth. And soon he’s getting it to get larger and bigger- to the point you can’t understand what he says as he talks with so much sloppy, chewy, sticky gum in his man cave. 


“FUCK THERE’S SO MUCH - BRRRUWPPP!! OOOOPS!” Jason’s mouth is so full of gum and spit. He bugs his eyes out, feigning surprise and his pink lips are wet from all the mess he’s making. 


He finally stands over us, chewing his biggest chews yet- burping, and acting sarcastic. Then he spits the gum (loser) into a cup. “Worthless piece of shit.”


A MUST for any Vore fan! Filmed in Cinema Mode on iPhone.

Tiny Gum Boy

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