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Tim the Giant Swallows Tiny Bro

The torture continues as Tim the 7 foot tall God bullies his 1/2 inch brother by comparing him to his huge mouth. After pressing him with just one thumb against his big knee, he casually brings him up to his cavernous mouth and tosses him inside. The large teeth, faded pink tongue and deep throat are enough to get the tiny guy hornier then ever. "You're actually starting to taste like cum. You like it in there don't you, little loser haha". Tim continues to toss him in and out of his mouth, belching on him occasionally as closeups reveal arguably the biggest mouth the site has produced yet. It's all a game to this jock. "You like your big brother's tongue, don't you?" Eventually the Giant swallows him whole, taunting that he now must remain in his stomach. 


10 minutes

Tim the Giant Swallows Tiny Bro

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