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Tim the Giant Stomps Tiny Brother

The BIGGEST Giant on the site has entered your kingdom. Well, more like your pathetic living room. Tim the Giant stands 7 feet tall, with a massive size 17 in shoe. His tiny, weak brother has always been the family's favorite- for not being a slacker like Tim was. In punishment fitting the bill precisely, Tim discovers his little brother has indeed become just that- only half an inch tall. He bumps his head on the entrance to the bedroom because he's so huge, and now he's even bigger. He chuckles down at his little brothers predicament. "You puny fucking bug, look at you now." His dirty, worn out sneakers surrounding him. He kicks them off to reveal white smelly socks, and after that peels them off and shows off his lint invested, sweaty barefeet. They crush and suffocate the tiny as Tim just laughs and laughs. Walking back and forth on him. "You like this huh? Your big bad brother, the Giant! Haha." Then later he kicks his feet up on the living room table and sticks the little loser inbetween his toes. And for the big finale, he puts his tiny brother on a plastic coffee cup, and smashes the cup with just his heel. He laughs uncontrollably at this, as the tiny brother is still stuck to his barefoot after the cup is destroyed. A video NOT to be missed- with the biggest jock in JFH history. 


14 minutes

Tim the Giant Stomps Tiny Brother

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