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Tim Eats Cherries & Tiny Bro

Tim the Giant is back for more humiliation. He has a massive appetite for a big carton of thick, red cherries. They're nothing to this beast, and as he casually eats them one by one- chewing them so the red juices spill out over his big lips- he notices his shrunken down brother. "Haha, oh you wanna go in too?" He throws him in the pile, and stuffs in more cherries. "Where are you little bro? Let's see if we can find you." He proceeds to spit each pit out- as you see his pink lips grin as they plummet out of his mouth and hit the table. "That aint you", the Giant chuckles still searching. Finally he finds him stuffed in one of his cheeks. He keeps him stuck in his mouth, for punishment. Tim also burps, gets hiccups and eats like a true frat boy. Lots of verbal domination here! A Hot new concept with fruit and giants.


17 minutes

Tim Eats Cherries & Tiny Bro

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