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The Secret to a Giant Friendship ft Hunter

Custom! Best friends can talk to each other about everything, right? Greg had a secret. He told Hunter, his best friend, that he had a thing for Giants. And not just that- but Giants eating tiny people. Bemused, Hunter tells Greg not to worry. He doesn't find it that odd. "You're telling me you like Giants?" He asks Greg. The friend not only has the fetish, he wants Hunter to shrink him down and swallow him for real. Hunter admits he does have a power to make things smaller. "Why don't we do some yoga, and I can shrink you?" Hunter chuckles. The jock takes his shirt off revealing a massive muscled body. He lotions his body up. Then BING! He shrinks Greg.


Burping from above him, the barefoot God picks up his friend and burps on him directly. "MMM you like that Thai food? BURRPPPPP!" He easily tosses Greg inside his maw, but just to playfully taste him a little. Then he burps, and tosses him back inside his mouth. Moaning in pleasure from Greg's salty flavor. Hunter burps back and forth, between words, and can't savor enough. "MM BURRRUPPPPP!!!!! Learn to BURRPPP Stay in my mouth!" He tosses him back in. Close ups show a drooling pink tongue, white teeth, and a deep throat that keeps burping from all the excitement.  


Soon Hunter swallows his friend down to his stomach. Audible swallowing noises are heard as Hunter slickly swallows him, and then bloats his belly out- Greg trapped inside of him. Hunter check his throat to make sure he went down. Then he lays on the couch and continues to let major burps rip as he's bloated gut pumps up and down. "This is your home now".


THEMES: Giants, Shrinking, Verbal Humiliation, Mouthplay, Vore, Burping


14 minutes

The Secret to a Giant Friendship ft Hunter

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