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The New Invention: Nerd to Jock

22 minutes



POV, Shrinking, Ken Doll, Muscle Play, Foot Play, Butt Crushing, Transformation, Verbal Humiliation


Jonathan plays a CEO nerdy genius, who invents a ray that allows him to shrink people to minuscule sizes. Upon his return home, he faces his annoying roommate- a soccer player (POV) who thinks he’s tougher then Jonathan. 


But Jonathan proves him wrong and shrinks his dumb friend. Then in the mirror, Jonathan transforms from a nerd to a powerful Jock! He uses his new super powers to his advantage, and stomp his former roommate out. “Yeah my feet are SO Big compared to your worthless ass. You were alway so fuckin bossy with me. Well who’s the boss now bitch?” Jonathan also sits on his loser friend, farting on him multiple times- and laughing about it. Jonathan also decides not to grow his friend back. 

The New Invention: Nerd to Jock

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