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The Mouth Experiment feat. Dean

22 mins, 30 sec


THEMES: Commission, POV, Verbal Jock, Mouth Play, Mouth Explore, Tongue, Armpit Explore, Food Stuffing, Burping (Closed & Open Mouthed), Breath Play, Drooling


Dean is excited to being paid a good amount of money to do a mouth experiment for a science lab down the street! As his instructor (V.O- off screen) tells him he will be opening wide for the camera. Breathing in and out slowly with no food at first. Dean happily obliges, and opens wide. Showing his perfect teeth, tongue and those amazing blue eyes!


“Okay now you’ll need to eat from fruit loop cereal. Remember to always open back up for 10 seconds, after eating each bite.”


“Cool, yes sir!” Dean smirks, eating cereal and then shrugging- casually opens his mouth so we see all the mushed up food. He also eats peanut butter and jelly sandwiches - getting loads of closed mouth burping, as well as open. He is a slob- talking with his mouth full, not caring about manners. 


Dean also shows off his massive pecs and hairy armpits. With the camera getting some nice views of the sweaty, mannish pits of this perfect jock. 


The experiment is a success and Dean chills on the couch until he’s told he’s good to - and get paid. DEF a clip for food stuffing and burping fans alike. 


Done as a commission.

The Mouth Experiment feat. Dean

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