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The Mouth Experiment

37 minutes 


THEMES: Consensual, POV, Non-Shrinking, Experiment, Scientist, Research, Food Chewing, Mouth Explore, Mouth with food up close inside, Gummy Bears, Tongue, Throat, Heavy Breathing, "Ahhhh" Open Mouth audible noises, Commission


For all the vore fanatics this is a video you DO NOT want to miss. 


In this video Jason displays his luscious lips, wet tongue, perfect teeth, and much much more. The jocky stud follows the commands of the doctor perfectly. Every second of this video is spent exploring and navigating the stunning cavern. With close-ups on his glistening tongue and gnashing teeth. IF you want to experience what it is like to be consumed by a titanic stud, this is the video for YOU. 


Jason starts shirtless and gazing lovingly into the camera. His gorgeous face and perfect eyes pierced the very soul. Slowly, the doctor checks his vitals and more. WE learn of Jason’s height, weight, and get close ups of his bushy pits and shirtless body. Once the vitals are taken the real fun begins. 


Jason partially opens his mouth and the camera focuses in. His white teeth and dark cavern are on full display. Bits of spit leak out of his mouth and soak into his plump lips. The massive beast sticks out his tongue, so long it falls out of frame, and begins to play with it. Wet slurping sounds are heard as he rolls and twists his tongue. So detailed is the picture that the individual taste buds and veins can be seen. Long strings of saliva stretch across the open maw before snapping as the tongue shifts once more. 


Jason opens his mouth wider with a deep 




The camera moves inside his mouth, his hot breath can be heard as it passes over the speaker. The lens fogging up slightly as the muggy environment hits it. Inside the mouth, it is an alien landscape. The fleshy cheeks pulse and undulate as Jason continues to breathe. His tongue fights to not swallow the camera. Pools of saliva form at the bottom of the mouth and his uvluva bounces around the back of his throat. Peering over the edge of that massive tongue, one can see the abyss that has ended many a tiny. 


Jason tilts his neck back and pours a mouthful of water into his throat. The clear fluid reflecting the back of his teeth. Slowly he gargles the water showing off the power of his throat. The liquid bubbles and splashes about forming foamy rapids before




It is sent traveling down his throat and into the awaiting stomach. Yet water is nothing compared to the might of a true titan. Jason starts to consume anything in sight. Starting with a pack of gummies, his gnashing teeth tear and rip the candy apart. Long stretches of the masticated gelatin can be seen within, his tongue staining red as he consumes more and more candy.




That too is sent to digest in his acidic pit. His next meal is cheese crackers. The titan messily eats crunchy food. Each bite smashing through the crackers and snapping them apart. He sticks out his tongue showing off the partially eaten mush before sucking it back in to finish the job. Up and down his jaw goes as he thoroughly destroys what is in his mouth. A few bits falling out and landing onto his lips. Without a second thought, his snakelike tongue lashes out and pulls it back in before he swallows. Even still, the titan is hungry. 


A large slice of pizza is next. Jason, happy that he finally gets a full meal, utterly devours the thick slice. Like a ravenous monster, his bites take out huge chunks with every go. His teeth easily break down the food into an unrecognizable mess. Bits of the mushy food press between his teeth and drop onto his lips. He easily cleans them up with his tongue, the wet appendage gliding across white rocks to remove the food. With one final swallow that too is gone. 


Washing it all down with more water, he swishes it around a bit to remove the last bits of food. Opening his mouth, he shows off the empty cavern for all. IF we didn’t watch, we would never know the amount of food being dissolved right now. Jason continues to play with his tongue a bit before the camera fades to black. A hungry titan fully satiated…for now.

Adapted by MaxTiny.

The Mouth Experiment

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