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The Kissing Game

18 mins, 30 sec


THEMES: M/M, Jock Boyfriends, Jocks Kissing, Giants, Gummy Bears, Mouth Play, Vore, Muscle Play, Consensual Worship, Armpit Play, VERBAL


Austyn and Scott are boyfriends with a small secret. They are invaded by tiny gummy bears all over their home, but they love eating them off each other's bodies, playing devious little tricks and showing their power. 


Opening in their hot tub, Scott emerges from the water soaked and all muscle- leans in, and begins tongue kissing his boyfriend Austyn. Austyn gladly kisses back, and more than for more than a minute the passionate smooching continues. 


"Are you hungry for some fucking little people?" Scott grins at Austyn.


"Yeah", the jock responds- kissing Scott more. 


We are then introduced to Scott first, who outside on his patio he kicks up his big, thick size 11s. "Yeah I got some dirty ass, sweaty ass feet. I can't wait to show my boyfriend all these little losers we're gonna eat together haha!" He then puts some tinies between his toes, continuing to mock them. 


Scott also puts some on his armpits, "sniff these pits"- before also walking on concrete and sitting down with his dirty tan soles all over the helpless littles. 


In the next scene, Austyn enters Scott's bedroom to find all these gummy bears all over his perfect body. In only their tight briefs, the two lovers wake each other up. Austyn begins licking the gummies off of Scott's neck and chest. 


"MMM Feed me more of em", Scott says consensually, and Austyn obliges. The two jocks then take turns putting a gummy into their mouth, and kissing so the tiny is passed into the other jock's throat. And back and forth they go. They start getting more into their power, and at one point Scott comes into the bedroom and kisses Austyn - with more gummies doomed to the giants and their game. 


Austyn moans out in pleasure, "All these fucking gummy bears!" KISS - KISS - SMACK - KISS


They also put the gummies in their armpits, crushing them. "Look at that. This gummy bear going up and down your body", Austyn says softly to his man. He moves the gummy up all of Scott's powerful feet and legs. They kiss again. And again. And again. 


"Eating these make us so powerful", Scott says- putting his arms around Austyn. Some get caught on their chests. "You're gonna go into his stomach eventually", Austyn says playfully. 


"Let's crush this one", Scott says. They then continue their humiliation. "Put 'em wherever you want- MMM they taste so much better on you." 

The scene ends once again in the hot tub. Scott comes up from the depths of the water, shakes his manly hair and kisses Austyn once again, in passionate hunger. The two boyfriends are perfect for each other!


Our first go at two jocks who not only are boyfriends, but also Giant lovers who love power over tiny people. There is a lot of kissing too!

The Kissing Game

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