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The Jocks of Eastwick: Mark & Brad Shrink Marcus

33 minutes



THEMES: Giants, Shrinking, Magic, Gummy Bears, Vore, Same Height Interaction, Verbal Taunting, Barefoot Crushing, Armpits, Belly Button Play, Live Humiliation, Spitting, Burping, Mouth Play, Vore, Special Effects, Original Score (Used sparingly; not used in most scenes)


Once upon a time in California, evil shrinking magic took place. Brad and Mark visit a local resort to relax and hang out. A young gay man (Marcus) approaches and quietly hits on the two jocks. 


"Do you guys know if the pool is open?" He asks shyly.


"Who the fuck cares?" Mark snaps at him. Brad also acts aggravated. Marcus leaves.


“Man why is he hitting on us?? We are clearly straight” Mark says snidely. The two studs then decide to have some fun with the enamoured man. It is clear at the beginning both Mark and Brad know magic; Brad sunbathes at the pool, then snaps his fingers. "I need sunglasses dude." BOOM! Shades suddenly appear. Mark decides he himself does NOT want his shades, and with a snap they're gone- then back again!


Marcus approaches the boys AGAIN. The two jocks just finished a swim race against each other. Brad barely winning.


"I wanted to apologise for earlier", Marcus says.


"We're sorry too dude. In fact, we want to make it up to you. We wanna Hang with you."


"Oh- okay!" Marcus says excitedly. "What room are you guys in?"


"Room 666." Mark Summers says, evilly.


"Isn't that the Devil?" Marcus asks back hesitantly.


"Hehehehehe....No." Mark chuckles.


"Don't worry about it", Brad says nonchalantly. Marcus leaves again, but this time to prepare for the big date!


Marcus soon finds himself in his jacuzzi alone, when the waters start boiling. Suddenly Mark and Brad POP out of nowhere! Inviting him up to their room, they treat him to a hot-tub session with plenty of booze. Showing off some of their magic, they make more treats and fun drinks appear. Their victim has no idea what is in store. He thinks he gets to hang out with these hot dudes, but little does he know of their plan.


Marcus is enthralled by what is happening. The two hot jocks flaunt their perfect bodies. Squashing and teasing the scrawny guy. He clearly is in love with the domination and falls for their every move. As he drinks more of the magic drink, he starts to push his luck even more. The two jock gods let it happen, smiling and knowing what they have planned for him.


Taking him back to the room, Brad and Mark offer him some gummies. Thinking it is a bit strange, he goes ahead and eats a few. Suddenly he gets extremely sick and bends over in pain. Brad and Mark start laughing like crazy and spit on the sick man. They continue to mess with him by burping in his face and using him as a footrest. Finally, the world goes black. The two jocks just laughing in the background


The lights come up and their victim has turned into one of the gummies. The now GIANT jocks loom over the transformed man. 


“Look at that a tiny red gummy” 




Mark smashes his foot down next to the shrunken man. 


“Look at how small and pathetic he is!” Brad says


“Fucking loser!” Mark responds. 


The two Titanic Jocks start Smashing the red gummy man. Their feet colliding so hard you can hear it resonate throughout the room. 


“Wanna play soccer with him?” Brad says while Mark nods in approval. The two laugh and taunt the gummy man as they kick him back and forth. Brad soon traps the man between his toes.


“Yeah, how's that smell? Come on, how's it smell? Bad right?” Brad says as he crushes the loser. The two jocks continue to play and mess with the gummy man between their feet. His jelly body smeared and spread out against their sweaty soles. 


Hopping onto the couch, the two of them decide to change up the punishments. With a snap! The gummy man reappears good as new in Brad’s hand. 


“I know what he needs, my stinky pits!” He says before slamming him into the rank armpit. Pressing down the gummy man bulge out of the slimy, smelly armpit. 


Pulling him out, Brad brings the man to the crook of his arm before flexing and smashing him with his bicep. Mark, wanting to join in on the fun, snatches the man and does the same. Their rock hard muscles make quick work of the gummi man. 


“I think he wants to smell your stinky ass pits too” Brad says with a grin. 


Mark happily obliges and entages the tiny man in his pit hairs. The sweat partially melted the gummi within. Ready to give a full tour, Mark pulls the man out and rubs the tiny all along his body. Shoving him in his belly button, between his pecs, and much much more. With their fun done, they decide to end him. 




The reformed gummy man appears in Brad’s hand. He tosses the tiny within his mouth and CHEWS his boulder like teeth smashing and destroying the once human gummy. 




He appears once more but this time in Mark’s mouth. The Titan presses the tiny against the roof of his mouth, under his tongue, and really plays with him before…




He slides down the throat and into the gastric chamber. 




Mark rubs his stomach as he feels the man squirming within. It is good to be an all-powerful being. Both smiling, they agree on the next place to go. Already thinking about their next victim. 


Adapted by MaxTiny @Discord 

The Jocks of Eastwick: Mark & Brad Shrink Marcus

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