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The Crush: Tony & Pablo Shrink & Torture Hotel Guest

During the hot month of August, A resort guest on summer vacation is obsessed with personal trainer Tony, but after approaching him at the pool he is instantly rejected. No sooner has the Russian hunk exited the area, Pablo zooms up and "apologizes for my friend." He assures the guest he can get Tony up to his room that evening, because they work together. He also offers him a charm "for luck." 


Pablo later gets ready for a date, laughing down at the same "charm" in his hand. Something odd is going on...


A knock at the door, and the guest opens it only to see Pablo dressed up with a purple tie on. "I thought Tony was coming", the guest snaps. "Don't worry about Tony. You need a real man." Pablo tries to flirt with the guest, even taking off his shirt, revealing his muscular chest, and throwing him on the bed- putting his arms over him and kissing his hand. The guest still won't budge, telling Pablo to leave.


Angered with his own rejection now, Pablo transforms into Tony and suddenly the guest realizes there's evil magic happening. After accusing Pablo (once he transforms back into himself) of witchcraft, Pablo laughs and then gets angry. "All you pansy ass dudes are the same! Just trying to flirt with hot dudes like myself to get into our pants! I can make it so you don't even exist! Why don't you just SHRINK???" And shrink the guest does- to an inch tall.


Now he's trapped below a towering Pablo and his barefeet. As the Latino Giant stomps down, the feet change to Tony's big 11s. And back and forth they go, swapping out their bodies to fool the poor tiny guest- who now is at the mercy of feet, bullying, laughing, and even getting turned into chewing gum by Tony (who swallows him)- only for him to find himself in Pablo's mouth. Then there's a twist ending. 


Summer atmosphere (filmed on location in San Diego) with pool scenes on top of foot crushing, POV, Transformation, Mouth Play, verbal domination. 



29 minutes

The Crush: Tony & Pablo Shrink & Torture Hotel Guest

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