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Terry the Giant Stomps Tiny City

Terry the massive Giant terrorizing a pathetic city at his smelly barefeet. While shaving in his bathroom, the jock stumbles upon shrunken buildings by his flip flops. "What the fuck is this?" He laughs. Comparing the buildings to his massive feet, he knocks them down one by one with his toes. "Oops! I'm sorry little town. I'll just pick you back up again." But when he does, he just kicks them down again- taunting how he's a Giant and they're nothing. A slow-motion sequence of this allows viewers to feel like they're in the action of crumbling buildings below a merciless God. After the buildings, Terry moves on to the people. Easily putting them on his sweaty feet. "Smell my stinky ass feet!" He laughs. "Yeah these are some Florida feet! These feet sweat!" As the tinies get stuck to his soles, his lifts himself from the soaking tub to show how they fall from his feet to the floor. He plays with them more, and then moves on to tiny cars. A blue and red one to be exact. Perfect for the Giant's stomping abilities. As he stomps down on them harder and harder, they eventually smash to pieces. "Little bitches!" Laughs Terry.  


16 minutes

Terry the Giant Stomps Tiny City

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