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Terry Stomps Tiny Brother

Wearing just blue jeans and white flip flops, Terry the cruel Jock discovers his helpless, 1/2 inch tall brother on the bathroom floor. He mocks him. "Look at the little tiny bitch! No one in the family likes you!" He compares him to his massive size 11 foot, and then glides off his flip flops and begins smothering his brother in his foot stink. "Yeah, smell those stinky ass feet! Haha! I'm like a Giant, from Jack and the Beanstalk! And you're worthless Jack!" With more stomping, Terry sits on the floor and puts his tiny loser inbetween his toes- laughing uncontrollably at his circumstances. "Oops! Smell my stinky feet!" He laughs harder. The setting changes to the living room, as Terry kicks his feet up and still has his tiny brother in place.


13 minutes

Terry Stomps Tiny Brother

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