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Terry Drops Tiny Bro in Cereal & Eats Him

Terry the jock walks into his living area hungry for some cereal. He also discovers his puny 1/2 inch brother lying on a napkin next to the two boxes and milk. Thinking this is funny, the Giant Jock says "How about YOU go into the cereal too, little bitch!" And nonchalantly drops him into the cereal. As he pours cold milk over the meal, he begins moaning in pleasure as he gobbles up each bite of the food, taunting how his little bro is getting lost underneath.  "How you doin down there little bro? This cereal is yummy! Still no sign of him though" Laughing at this. Eating more cereal. Chugging milk, and being a pig. Eventually, after drinking the contents from the first box, he finds his little bro trapped at the bottom. He simply picks him up, and drops him into his mouth.  After some mouthplay, He swallows him whole. But it isn't over. Terry decides to eat a second box of cereal, just to punish and humiliate the loser even more. He chugs milks again, and eats more again. "How do you like all that milk and cereal falling on top of you bro?"  Trapped inside his huge jock brother's stomach. Terry belches, hiccups, and finally finishes the second box. HOT clip with tons of verbal domination, male vore, and taunting acting.


16 minutes

Terry Drops Tiny Bro in Cereal & Eats Him

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