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Stuck Under Foot

14 minutes


THEMES: Giants, Unaware, Verbal, Barefeet, Foot Stink, Burping, Hiccups, Sarcasm


Tommy's shrunken roommate is MISSING! Tommy the Giant is completely clueless to it, but the tiny dude is in fact trapped between his smelly toes! He plays a game on his iPad and chuckles about it, ignoring the tiny. His big, sweaty feet are right in the camera where they seem massively relentless. 


"I could care less about him", Tommy says dully. "I dont know what his name is." His toes wiggle. He keeps talking to his friend. "Damn my feet stank so bad! I can smell em from here! I don't even shower them. It's been like a year haha."


Soon Tommy realizes where "the little bitch is. Damn he right here! He aint got nothing else to do but sit around my smelly ass feet haha." The Giant continues to talk to his friend, play his game, and make casual cruel comments to the loser that's the size of one of Tommy's pinky toes. "Fuck dude I can't believe my feet STINK so bad. How they get to be this fucking smelly?" The Giant nonchalantly ignores the loser, now stuck on top of the toes. 


The Giant hums tunelessly. "Ah man I keep forgetting his ass is trapped between my toes haha". His lax, non caring attitude shows he's a true Goliath. David has no chance. 


The last three minutes of the video have the sarcastic Titan kick his feet barefoot with the tiny still trapped. "BURRRPP!! OOPS!" Not only does this jock have smelly feet, but he belches like an alpha. "BBURRAPP! OOPS! OOPS!" Repetitive verbal for those that like it straight forward. Hiccups as well. "You afraid little bitch?" Tommy asks in the finale, to the tiny closer to his face. 

Stuck Under Foot

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