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Stuck in Justin's Cereal- Part One

13 mins


THEMES: Giants, Shrinking, Cereal, Vore, Burping, Foot Play


As Justin sits barefoot eating his cereal sloppily, he notices his shrunken stupid stepbro, Jake. "What the fuck bro? Your such a weakling,  hiding in the dumbass cereal box? - BURRRPPP!!!!" The jock belches, munches the food, smirking. Then tosses the loser back in the bowl. 


The burp attack continues as Justin continues to mock how much of a loser the tiny is. "You could never hold on to any power, BURRRRP! Look at your ass, on the table covered in milk." The jock then SLAMS his size 13.5 barefoot down on the table. It's colossal next to the loser.


This is the first of two parts. Mostly burping, feet and eating around the tiny. The second part will involve Vore and mouth play.

Stuck in Justin's Cereal- Part One

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