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Soccer Giants

35 minutes + Q & A!


THEMES: Duo Giants, Shrinking, Nonconsensual, Outdoor Soccer Play, Barefoot Stomping, Butt Crushing, Muscle Play, Mouth Play, Vore, VERBAL, Doll Size Humiliation


STARRING: Warren and Jason Pierce


Todd has two older brothers who are WAY BIGGER than him. At only 11 inches, Todd is nothing compared to his 6'2 Giant Jock monsters, who have fun tormenting him. Especially on the soccer field.


The movie starts out with Todd in the grass, with his small soccer ball. Then a BIGGER soccer ball knocks him over! OUCH!


"Come on Todd, you gotta get in the game bro", says Warren - chuckling. With high winds, the UK stud has fun showing Todd how powerful he is, kicking the big ball to his other brother, Jason. Jason is also a hot stud, the best in his league. 


"This is what happens when you have two older brothers Todd", Jason laughs. "Ready to play more? You enjoying this?" They keep taunting him, wrestling his small body in the grass. British Narration does play in the opening, with HIGH winds causing us to really feel immersed in the world of Soccer Gods.


The Shrinking Virus was affecting everyone, and about 1/8 in America were suffering from it - including poor Todd. "Look at Todd, a little banged up Todd haha!" Jason mocks. "You gotta work on your training bro. This won't be the last time we KICK you around." The brothers were lying. 


Warren had beautiful, stallion-like muscles. Brilliant, strong and masculine. Jason Pierce, probably the cockiest of the brothers, who had no patience for punks. When Todd shrank, he couldn't wait to take advantage of Todd's powerless state. "Fuck it's Hot out here", Jason says- taking his shirt off- revealing his pecs. 


Inside the home, Todd sits shrunk on the brothers' balcony. "Least you have an excuse as to why you're so trash at soccer", Warren quips. The jocks stand shirtless. They then put Todd on the bed, as they kick their HUGE feet on the bed. Starting with shoes, socks and then barefeet. They grab Todd's little shoes off his feet, and EAT them. "We can't eat YOU yet bro. HAHA. But your shoes are nice and sweaty, salty."


After that they throw him on the bedroom floor, and take turns smothering him with their stinky mannish feet. "I know you love me Todd, but I fuckin HATE you. You were always a little brother. But now Ur REALLY little." Their big feet crush him. "Stinky ass bro feet on your face", Jason laughs evilly. 


"Poor little Todd. We promise not to break you- much." The brothers are cruel and sarcastic. Their feet are longer than the loser's body. They stomp HARDER on him. Taking turns jumping up and down on him. CRUNCH! CRUNCH!!!!


After footplay, they rub him against their sweaty armpits. "Fuck these pits stink", Jason mocks. "Get a whiff of these. Man sweat." Warren mocks. "He can't stop touching my armpits."


"Sniff em Todd. I think he likes this. Hows this feel? FEEL GOOD?" STOMPPP!!! "Useless little brother. Shame it happened to you. The shrinking virus. Smell my stinky feet, loser."


Butt Crushing is next. Each brother takes a turn SLAMMING their butts down on the dork. Warren even leans in close, telling Todd he hates him. Spitting on his whole body. "I fuckin HATE you. I always did."


His demise is tragic. The brothers turn him into a gummy worm, and bite him in half- eating him down their gullets.


One of the biggest and hottest macro videos in JFP history!

Soccer Giants

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