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Slay Double Feature: Giant's Revenge & Ignoring You Underfoot

17 minutes


THEMES: Giants, Shrinking, Revenge, Gym Shoes, White Socks, Barefoot Crushing, Verbal, Unaware, Ignore, Video Games


Get two (2) Slay Foot Stories at Once!!! This hot black Giant has sweaty size 12.5s ready to crush anything or anyone in his path! This dude is well built. Thick legs, muscles, and major confidence. This package is a must for any foot lover!


Start off with Slay's Revenge against a former teammate, who is now shrunken down. "Wow, look how small you are!" Chuckles Slay, who towers above the tiny loser. "You cost us the game last night." He walks around in white gym shoes, monstrous compared to the tiny on the floor. "Wonder what else you can do, small midget." He continues to circle his teammate slowly. "Next time you mess up a game for me, here's what's gonna happen." He then presses his entire gym shoe over the shrunken fool. 


"Fuck these shoes are so fucking sweaty! I can't even handle it! Maybe I should keep you in HERE today." Slay then grabs his friend and shoves him into his shoe laces with his shoes still on. "Time out haha." Soon Slay is getting hot. Heated. He takes his shirt off to reveal his six pack abs. He also kicks off his shoes, revealing sweaty white socks. "Damn, these smell worse than the shoes!" He grabs the tiny from the laces, and rubs his tiny body up and down on his massive socks. "How does it feel to be down there? Beneath my toenails haha! YOU STUPID SMALL ASS BITCH!" He starts getting more playful with his opponent. "FE FI FO FUM! Big Feet, Here I come!" He stomps on the tiny again. 


"You like smellin these big ass socks? Sweaty as hell!" He then peels his white socks off to reveal his gigantic size 12.5s. Stinky feet. Manly feet. Feet of a GOD. Even barefoot, Slay starts whipping the tiny with one of his sweaty white socks. He loves the control he now has over his pathetic teammate. He gets on the ground and places his friend between his big toe and the other one. "Yeah you like smelling these STANK ass feet haha. Grown man's feet!" He cockily puts his hands behind his head, smirking at his teammate's predicament. "Big ass Giant out here! And you trapped under my stinky feet hahaha!" He swaps the loser out for his other big toe. Now the tiny is getting all of Slay's feet stink at once. 


He ends the scene by telling his little friend "you're going on a ride with me now haha". He places him in one of his gym shoes, and puts it back on barefoot. 


In the next scene, Slay kicks his bare feet up towards your face, POV, and ignores you as he plays video games and plays with his phone. There is limited talking because YOU don't even exist to him. Majorly hot angles of the God's size 12.5s while you suffer from being ignored, but at the same time are aroused by the experience! 


NOTE: During the ignore scene, some seconds of footage are muted due to the camera man's direction. 

Slay Double Feature: Giant's Revenge & Ignoring You Underfoot

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