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Shrunk in the Army Now ft Lucas the Giant

Custom Video! Being in the army can make you feel small...especially if you've actually shrunk! "Hey fucking wake up! Remember the time you messed with me in training? Well now its payback time!" Lucas is towering over his army troop team in massive boots and a green tank top. He stomp hard on them. He's pissed and he loves the new destruction he can now do. BOOM! His boot comes down hard. BOOM!!! "Maybe I should take my boots off so you can fucking smell my feet." Taking them off, he takes off his dirty socks and smothers them.


The torture continues as Lucas sits in his office and places his big feet on a table with the tinies around. He towers over the camera, pounding them in with his big, plump toes. The boot remains in his hand as he smashes them with his boot, no mercy! SMASH!!!!! The boot comes down hard. Some of the army men start coming apart. "Fuck you're all falling apart! That's what you fuckers get!" He cracks his knuckles and smothers more.


Next Lucas starts to butt crush the troop. Bouncing up and down on them with his tight, brown shorts. Laughing the entire time. Uncontrollably sometimes. The crushing is HARD. He literally sounds like he's working out. "Yeah, feel that ass!"  He ends it by tossing some into his boot to go for a walk. Intensely focused story with Lucas at his spitefully dominant best. 


THEMES: Foot Torture, Butt Crushing, Verbal 


11 mins

Shrunk in the Army Now ft Lucas the Giant

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