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Shrink Masters: Loser of the Pack

26 minutes + Q & A!


THEMES: Dual Giants, Shrinking, Magic, M/M, Size Change, Verbal Humiliation, Blackmail, Foot Stomping, Foot Worship, Mouth Play, Tongue Play, Vore, Burping, Armpit Worship, Swallowing, VERBAL



SUMMARY: Marcus and Austyn are best friends, but when Mark convinces Austyn to shrink the loser so they can take his money and assets, the jock can't refuse. Mark and Austyn end up totally destroying the idiot, and when he's stuck at one inch tall- they must decide who will swallow him whole. 


PLOT: In a luxurious hot tub, three guys chill in the sun. Mark and Austyn are alpha males, while Marcus (aka Silas) is a beta bitch. Who also happens to be rich. 


Mark and Austyn team up and shrink Marcus to rob him of his wealth- and also stomp and eat him. Silas ends up being the size of a ken doll while the jocks torment him in a hot tub, take turns spitting water on him, dunk him in and out of the pool, stomp him, lick him, and shrink him smaller! Into a helpless gummy bear.


"I love it bro, the power"- Austyn laughs, kicking his massive size 11s on the foot stool where poor Marcus lies helpless. 


"He likes being humiliated", Mark chuckles- also making him smell his feet. 


The two then fight over who will get to eat the loser- and what proceeds is a good 15 minutes of nonstop mouth play action, with both Austyn and Mark opening WIDE- and slobbering all over an inch tall failure.


"MMM How does my BIG powerful tongue feel?" Austyn asks, with the idiot stuck in his throat. 


"I wanna swallow him!" Mark says.


"No I get to. He's my friend. Oops, correction. WAS my friend. HAHAHAHA!"


Includes a 4 minute Q and A with the actors. INCREDIBLE DUAL GIANT SCENE!

Shrink Masters: Loser of the Pack

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