Evil Giant Uncle Shrinks & Tortures Nephew

22 minutes


THEMES: Giant, Shrinking, M/M, Verbal, POV, Barefoot Stomping, Butt Crush, Vore, Burping, Mouth, Gummy Bears, Armpits, Transformation 


In his major premiere, Shane the Giant is introduced as a lax, masculine Latino jock- checking himself out in the mirror. His loser nephew, named Jake, is forced to sniff his armpits and basically succumb to his demands. "Yeah you wanna smell my armpits, bitch?" Shane says to Jake in POV, completely smothering his face and getting right in his way. "Yeah sniff my smelly ass armpit." Shane rubs his bare chest, wearing a gold chain, and making his nephew a complete slave. The jock has complete control over Jake. He wears only red, tight briefs- and doesn't mind flaunting them. He then rubs water on his chest, just to prove he's an alpha male. 


In the next scene, Shane leaves the washroom and discovers gummy bears on the table. These are no ordinary gummies. They used to be Jake's friends, who had come by to surprise him for his birthday. Instead, they were shrunk into tiny gummies- a masterful trick that Shane had already pre planned when he found out the loser was having company. "What's this? Little ass gummies?? HAHAHA!" He picks up a red one. He can't stop laughing. He puts the gummy back on the glass table, and raises his massive size 14 barefoot over them, laughing more as he smothers them. He is a true ruthless, playful Giant. All Jake can do is watch in horror. "Stupid ass gummy bears. So weak and tiny!" Shane is so cruel, he won't even acknowledge they used to be his nephew's friends. "I'm such a Giant, puny ass gummy bears hahahahaha!"


"I'm gonna sit on you guys now ahaha!" Shane isn't joking. In his red briefs, he easily sits on the gummy bears- who are helpless to do anything. He cockily smacks his butt first, before having a seat- literally. "Look at that! They got crushed! Hahahaha!" Shane's laugh is guttural, powerful and manly. "What's that gummy bears?? I can't hear you haha!" The jock's ass easily smothers all of the poor gummies, as Shane gets more sarcastic. "Oops, did I crush you?" We get a front angle of him too, so you see his amazing body as he sits on the table with the candies trapped- and him mocking the whole situation. Laughing and laughing more, the Giant is having fun. "Under my ass getting crushed ahahaha!" 


After the gummy torture, Jake finds himself an inch tall- still human. Now at the mercy of his Giant Uncle. Shane has retreated to putting on a pink shirt- that matches his very pink lips and tongue. Poor Jake. His uncle looks hungry! "Look at how small you are! And I'm your BIG Uncle hahaha!" Stuck in Shane's massive hand, Jake can't move. "Now you know why you're my least favorite nephew hahaha! In my big ass hand!" But Shane isn't quite ready to mouth play with the tiny yet. His big 14s have other plans. 


Off camera, Shane's brother sits down and finds it kind of funny that Shane is abusing their nephew. "What are you doing bro? That's fucked up." On the wooden kitchen table, Shane continues to hold Jake giggling, mostly ignoring the question. Then he kicks his feet up- wearing khaki pants and flip flops. "HA! Look at you little man!" Shane smacks his other hand hard on the table, causing Jake to shutter in fright. "Tiny Loser. I'm gonna put you in my big feet. My big size 14 feet you little bitch!" Shane's brother still can't believe Shane is doing it, but seems indifferent as the jock continues to hold the inch tall loser and laugh uncontrollably. Then the brother joins in. "He's like a LEGO isn't he? Let me pound his ass haha!" Another hand comes pounding on the table on poor Jake. 


Jake awakes as a gummy bear himself. Still at the mercy of Shane the Giant, who is not done with his torture. "Get back in there Jake", Shane says- putting the gummy between his toes. "That's terrible man, you turned him into a gummy?" The other brother asks. "The little fucker is getting crushed haha! All doughy now", Shane giggles. Next