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Shane's Big Mouth & Tongue

8 minutes 30 sec


THEMES: Mouth Play, Tongue, POV, Verbal


"Hey this is Shane. I got a big ass mouth. Big ass tongue. Big everything." The jock smirks at the camera before being told to open wide by the cameraman. He sticks out his tongue- thick, long and pink. "Ahhhh", he smirks and verbally says he could easily swallow a tiny with it. He starts sucking on his fingers, and his clear saliva starts getting everywhere. He's so masculine, and follows the direction of the cameraman very well. 


"Hehe, I'm a Giant guy. With a big ass throat, Giant tongue. Easily can swallow him down, right to my big belly." Shane has fun with this and the live direction allows for an authentic feel the entire time. 


Shane's Big Mouth & Tongue

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