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Shane's Belly Bloat Humiliation

16 minutes


THEMES: Food Stuffing, Burping, Muscle Flex, Verbal Humiliation, Belly Bloating


"I feel like eating some grapes right now. Eat em all, cause I'm a pig." Shane smirks when asked what he's about to do. A huge bag of green grapes and soda water are in front of this massive Latin hunk. He flexes his muscles and laughs when his off screen friend asks why he's going to eat all of them, as the friend was saving them for a dinner party. "Guess I'll have to get you some more haha." But the store is closed already. And Shane doesn't care.


"BAARRRRPPPPP!!!" Shane lets out a massive belch as he begins eating the grapes in front of his friend, who at first finds it stimulating but later seems to regret losing all his food to this jock pig. "BURPPPP!!" Shane laughs. He has SO many more where that came from. He eventually takes his shirt off, revealing his masculine chest and munches more and more. Hiccups and burping, laughing and teasing. A very interactive video. 


The final part of the video has Shane bloating his belly way out. He's REALLY full! He can't stop mocking his friend now, taunting how all the grapes are "in my big ass belly haha BURRPPP!!!" He keeps rubbing his manly stomach. "Oops! I ate your grapes hahahaha!" Shane's laugh gets more guttural, more evil. He says OOPS multiple times, burping and taunting as his friend says he shouldn't laugh so much. "Oh well, all in my belly now!"


NOTE: Multiple camera angles. Audio is slowed down at the end so you really feel his laughing intensified. 

Shane's Belly Bloat Humiliation

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