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"Honey, I Shrunk Our Son!" FEAT. Shane

13 minutes 30 sec

THEMES: Giants, Shrinking, M/M, Vore, Mouth Play, Burping, Verbal


Shane gets mad when his next door neighbor asks where his son is. "I don't care dude", Shane says rudely. The neighbor had invented a shrinking machine and now his son is only one inch tall. But Shane dismisses the neighbor, cockily refusing to even help him lose weight. Back in the jock's kitchen, he grabs some milk and cereal. "Fucking hungry man", he giggles. "I don't care where his stupid ass son is." He pours the milk into the cereal. Little does he know, the son got tossed into the bowl too! As he eats, he finds the circumstances of the shrunken son funny. 


Between bites, Shane mocks him. "He's probably so small. Probably getting lost somewhere haha. Or chewed on, or stepped on haha!"  He pours more cereal into the bowl, laughing more about the poor son, who now is visibly shown trapped in the milk. "Haha father looking for his stupid shrunken BURRPPP Son ahaha!" Shane burps more, and then taunts the son more- not knowing he's lost. "I could probably swallow him in one bite! Two of him in one bite ahaha!" The laughing is playful, evil and guttural. "I better keep my eyes open", Shane says smirking- not realizing the son is now on the spoon- heading towards the jock's wide mouth- and now resting on his purple-pink tongue, the taste buds visible- milk sliding down Shane's chin. The Giant swallows. "What the fuck was in my mouth? It was good haha." He then takes the whole gallon of milk and chugs it from the carton. He pats his bloated belly, burping and smirking. 


Really hot scene once again focusing on that oh so ever popular film. There are various camera angles, and sometimes Slow-Motion sequences to add for enhanced effect. Shane also is a natural laugher, and there is a lot of laughing between him munching on cereal. 

"Honey, I Shrunk Our Son!" FEAT. Shane

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