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Sergeant Sage

Sage plays a cocky sergeant shrinks down his entire division after they report him to the colonel's office, who sends him a letter claiming the jock forces his privates to smell his feet if they can't handle other disciplinary actions. Now that they're only one inch tall, Sage has plans. After reading the letter a loud, he picks a few of the privates up to toy with them- popping one in his massive mouth, and picking off another's arms and tossing it to the side. "We're doin' floor drills now!" Screams Sarge, as he takes one leg and swiftly thrusts it across his desk- knocking all his privates down to the floor. He stomps on them with his shiny black dress boots ("Left! Left! Left, right, left hahaha!")- before taking off the shoes and forcing them to once again smell his rank socks- only this time he's a Giant. Once he goes barefoot, he's also gone full Goliath mode- spitting them out, crushing them down, and verbally abusing them. This hot premiere video also was a custom request! Contact us if you want a Sage Custom order today!


16 minutes

Sergeant Sage

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