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Scotty vs Sponge Bob

14 minutes


THEMES: Giants, Shrinking, Bizarre, Starfish, Sponge, Water, Barefoot Crushing, Armpit Humiliation, Butt Crushing, VERBAL, Commission


Scotty comes into the kitchen to discover his sponge has MAGICALLY turned into a real life person…erm, sponge that it. He has fun putting him under the sink and splashing warm water on him. “I know you like it”, the jock mocks. “You like it when I rub my hands and wash you rough like this.” He adds dishwashing liquid and his hands start to get really soapy.


He then puts the sponge on his kitchen floor and starts stomping on it, putting it between his toes. “Fuck my feet stink so bad. Yeah smell my smelly ass feet you stupid ass sponge!” 


Scotty even rubs the sponge under his armpits, before adding a bright pink starfish to the mix. The toy starfish is magically alive too. “You pink ass starfish- here’s some more water- Uh oh, it’s hot!”


He ends the scene by butt crushing. This is a cool, unique scene that doesn’t quite make logical sense - but you can still enjoy Scotty’s teasing and taunting, along with a lot of suds!

Scotty vs Sponge Bob

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