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Scotty the Giant Stomps City

Scotty the sweaty, athletic jock is back. Starting his destruction by discovering a shrunken town in his living room. "What the fuck do we have here? A small ass city. This is some fe fi fo fum type stuff". He taunts, as he compares the whole skyline to his extremely ripe, smelly feet. Knocking the buildings over, he sarcastically apologizes- picking them back up only to easily tumble them over again with one toe. After smothering the town with his grimy, dirty soles- he moves on to the tiny people. "Yeah, smell my stinky ass feet!" His dirty, yellow soles cover multiple tinies. And he laughs at their predicament, even commenting that they're enjoying the torment. After the people come two tiny cars. "Hope you didn't spend too much money on these", Scotty chuckles- before pounding his feet over and over on them. They soon loosen up, and then he tears them to pieces with his hands. He has one blue car left, that belongs to his tiny cousin Augustus (who he will later torture down the road). He easily pops the car into his wide mouth and swallows it down, causing him to get a massive case of the hiccups. 


15 minutes

Scotty the Giant Stomps City

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