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Scotty Swallows Inch Tall Cousin

Scotty the cruel jock discovers his cousin is only 1/2 inch tall. His name is Augustis, and he's about to go for the ride of his life. Before toying with him close to his face, the jock decides to put the tiny in and out of his mouth. Eventually becoming more cruel about it. "I got a nice vacation home for you", chuckles Scotty, putting his cousin back inside his cavernous mouth. "Nice and wet in there, isn't it?" "You're like a piece of popcorn, I can just toss in the air and drop back in to the back of my throat!" Laughs the Giant again, tossing his helpless sibling in the air and catching him easily in his gullet. Often Augustis will get lodged in the back of Scotty's throat, causing him to gag and spit him back out.  "Dirty little midget". 


20 minutes

Scotty Swallows Inch Tall Cousin

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