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Scotty Stomps Tiny Cousin

"Fe Fi Fo Fum!" Scotty sarcastically stomps into his living room, seeing his puny 1/2 inch tall cousin on the floor. In worn out gym shoes, he compares himself to a Giant as he hovers his shoe over the little guy. Commenting how much bigger he is. He quickly takes one of the shoes off and drops the tiny in, causing him to have to smell the sour stench of man feet- then dumps him back on the floor. "Im like the Giant, from the beanstalk. And you're this tiny fucking midget." Scotty's rank, massive soles stomp down on the little over and over, until Scotty eventually gets on the floor and places him inbetween the toes. "Oops! Sniff my stinky ass feet", he laughs. The little ends up on a glass table with Scotty's gigantic sole smothering him. 


17 minutes

Scotty Stomps Tiny Cousin

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