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SageZilla: Gummy Village Destruction
Custom Video! Sage is in his bathroom when he discovers a ton of tiny gummy bears scattered all over his floor. He finds this amusing. "Haha they're so tiny. I'm like a fucking Giant!" He stomps a few before taking some into the bathroom, sitting on the tub- and playfully moving them around with his feet. "Here come the gates opening hah!" The gates being his massive size 12s, acting like a bulldozer and crushing the poor bears between his soles and then letting them out again. 
Sage starts to go over what color bears he hates. "Hate these fucking red ones haha". He gathers them up in one massive pile, stands and simply drops them on the floor. They thud- and the Giant laughs, doing it again. After stomping them, the jock decides to taste some. He grabs a massive handful and tosses them quickly down his throat- only to cough and burp- intensely. They didn't go down as smoothly as he wanted. He still eats more. A hot look into the world of a careless jock and a helpless Gummy Village. 


14 minutes

SageZilla: Gummy Village Destruction

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