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Sage Turns Classmate into Bubble Gum

Sage sits in his college class messing with his one inch loser classmate. "What's that teach? Oh no, haha. I was just grinding my teeth- I mean gum." In reality, he has the poor little guy stuck in his mouth, constantly taking him in and out as he's bored with the school work being taught. The jock gets intense, asking the tiny "how do my gums look huh?" Biting at him, threatening to eat him. 


Sage continues to try to bite on him, but he's actually hard to chew. "You'd be better off as gum. I actually did some magic back on my block. I can easily turn you into it haha. On the count of three! Ready? One- two- BAM!" Sage's hand opens back up to reveal a pink stick of bubble gum. Gum that was once his shrunken classmate. Sage sniffs him first, before tossing him into his wide maw. Laughing, he tosses him around, lathering him up in his saliva- chewing obnoxiously. "You know, I should just add another piece of gum in there! One, two- ShaZam! Haha!" A second piece of gum magically appears inside the jock's throat, causing the poor classmate to be thrown to the roof of Sage's mouth- stuck there as Sage acts casual when the teach off screen asks what's going on. "Nothing! Just a little jittery today haha. MMMMMM MAHK MAH!" Smacking down again on the speck inside. "Im gonna pop you like a fucking gusher!"  Sometimes he chews so intensely that his saliva hits the screen. 


After popping a few bubbles and mocking the poor little dude, the Giant decides to swallow him down. Or accidentally? He burps a few time and acts completely clueless as the speck is sent down to his stomach. "I don't know what happened to him teach! Gum? What Gum?" 


14 mins, 30 seconds

Sage Turns Classmate into Bubble Gum

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