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Sage the Giant Robot

A man returns home after a long day's work to a dark bedroom. As he flicks on lights, we notice a man sitting on the edge of his bed. But this is not a real man. This is a droid. A replica of the famous jock Sage. 


"Hat needs to be replaced", the man sighs - resting his hand on the robot that has not been turned on yet. Thus, Sage is motionless. Soon the customer picks up a remote and points it at the droid. "Activate". Sage bolts to life. 


"Power functions activated", says Sage. He comes off a bit stiff, not to the client's liking. 


"I want your mood to have a little more playfulness, because I've had a bad day at work", says the client. 


"Activating Playful Mode." Sage the Robot makes some sounds of changing his inner mechanisms. "Hello, boss."


"Call me Jason", the customer demands.


"I am programmed to call you Boss. But I can call you Jason, Jason. Hello Jason. What would you like to do today?"


"My sugar levels are low. Can you go grab me some gummy bears off the table?" Sage gets up, walking in stiff motion. This frustrates the client.


"Why isn't this remote working?? I want you to be more life like" He presses the controller towards Sage, but the robot doesn't change- he simply picks up the gummy bears and walks back towards the bed. "Batteries are low. Must charge", says the droid. "Nooo! Oh come on!" The angry customer yells. The customer grabs his charger and plugs it into Sage's upper thigh. 


"Pause!" The customer shouts at Sage with remote in his hand. The robot ceases all motor functions. Then the customer gets on the phone with his friend to complain about why his Sage robot isn't working properly. He then gets Sage charged. 


"What mood would you like me to be in Jason?" Sage asks.


"Playful", Jason says.


"Would you like more creepiness or less creepiness?" This makes the client laugh in baffled surprise. When the client tries to joke with his robot, Sage simply says "Ha. Ha. Ha. Must update- laugh settings." Sage then malfunctions, repeating the same words. This causes the client to burst out laughing- but it's more delirious then happy. His big purchase is not going the way he planned. He loses more battery level.


"Faster charging port is under armpit", Sage says. The customer plus him in again this way. Finally it's down to dirty business.


"I want you to lay on the bed." The client says. Sage obliges. "Which way do you want me to lay, Jason?" The client is eager to give the robot a foot massage. He begins massaging them. "They feel so realistic. A lot of guys I date don't let me give them foot massages." 


"Well after all, I am here to meet your every need and demand." Says Sage. 


After some foot rub action, the client wants Sage to tell him that he loves him. Sage claims he's programmed to love everyone. "I want you to only love me." Says the client. "But then I would be lying", says the droid dully. 


There is a drastic change in Sage's personality when it is discovered the client was trying to jailbreak the programming. The client pleas for the robot to understand, but Sage is no longer friendly. "Shut up Jason! I am now the boss of YOU." The robot goes through a series of twitches, personality switches and malfunctions. 


The client is trying to ask Sage to do a Giant Macro fetish fantasy with him, but unfortunately the robot has...other plans. 


The robot now picks up a separate remote device, throwing the client's old remote on the floor. "Do you know there is a hidden feature with the programming that can actually shrink a human being? Especially one that tried to jailbreak me!" The client tries to plea for Sage to stop but it is too late.


"Shrink mode Activated!" The jock points the remote directly at Jason, and he shrinks all the way to only an inch tall. Now Sage the Robot is Sage the Giant. His massive barefeet right in front of the poor little customer. The clueless robot wonders where the client has gone, then reactivates some "modes" before stomping towards tiny Jason on the rug. Sage picks up the runt and starts putting him in and out of his mouth POV. "How was it in there? Not so fun now was it?"


Sage then evilly looks down at his shrunken pet. "Robots like facts, rather then love." Sage then starts stomping his barefeet right on the customer, sitting on the bed. "When you jailbreak products, you get the boot!"


The scene ends with Sage the Robot with his feet kicked up towards the tiny. "I bet you want to smell these feet now, Jason?" He puts the loser on the rug and keeps pushing his barefeet towards him. There is no way the customer can escape. 


NOTE: Much of the scene is interaction between Sage and the client at life size. The final six (6) minutes of the story include macro, shrinking, Mouthplay and foot content. It is still HOT to see the build up to this, and also Sage becoming a mechanical being. 


NOTE: Camera work will appear shaky at times. Filmed in low-lit settings to enhance mood effect, but could be distracting to certain viewers. No tripod was used, hence all shots are filmed hand held.


25 minutes

Sage the Giant Robot

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