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Sage Shrinks Best Friend

CUSTOM VIDEO! Evan and Sage were best friends. But Evan was always teasing him because Sage was just a few inches shorter then Evan. One day, Sage returns home to find Evan's clothes on the floor- but no Evan. "Dude, where the fuck are you?" Sage asks cluelessly, wearing flip flops. He looks through the clothes, finally finding his friend- shrunk to only an inch tall. "Haha! Wow dude, you're actually small! Guess the shoe is on the other foot- literally! I was always faster then you." Sage mocks, slapping Evan with his sandal, mocking how he tries to run away. Sage even pretends to be a Giant, stomping towards him. But it's all just a game, or is it? Sage picks up Evan and threatens to drop him down his throat. Opening his big pink mouth, smiling and showing off huge white teeth. Instead, the Giant Jock decides to butt crush his friend, even getting a little gassy. HOT POV clip not to be missed! What a custom Sage video? Email us now with your order. 


12 minutes 30 sec

Sage Shrinks Best Friend

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