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Sage's Tiny Foot Slave- POV

Custom Video! This was ordered by a very special client that didn't think I would be able to film Sage in San Diego. I surprised him with this hot tale by having Pablo show up in his Genie glory, and make magic happen. "I heard you couldn't get a model you wanted because he wasn't available. I'm here to make that dream come true. Come on, follow me." Pablo then sits on the bed and snaps his fingers. Instantly Sage falls from the air, looking clueless like he has no idea where he is. Then he realizes his client wants him to shrink and humiliate him. He's totally down for it. 


"So dude, I've given you the honor of being MY foot slave. So what does that entail? Its actually a really big privilege to be worthy of being stomped on by someone like me. For as bad as my feet smell. For what they've been through." Sage then chuckles, and kicks back- letting the slave get a taste of what is to come. His massive barefeet in the small guy's view. "First you gotta get that little tease that you're going to be stepped on by a Giant haha. As I am."


Sage has three (3) tests the slave must pass to be a good foot bitch. The first: "Can you handle the musk and sweaty of my feet?" The second test: "Can you handle the CURVES on my feet?" And the final? "CAN YOU BE STEPPED ON HAHAHA!" It truly gets intense, with verbal domination and many angles of Giant Sage vs this pathetic slave, being forced under the toes, being picked up, thrown under a waste basket type table where it almost seems like he's trapped in a cage with the Jock that is Sage laughing down at him, his rank feet holding the table in place. Lots of POV shots of Sage towering over the dude and putting his feet right over him, and you get to feel like you're right there. "How's life down there on the short end, shorty? HAHAHA! Sniff these fucking rank ass feet." 


11 minutes

Sage's Tiny Foot Slave- POV

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